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6700 €
Return on investment
3 years
Income sales
6 %
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Because now, 8 out of 10 customers choose their kitchen on line before going to any shop, kitchen market can’t ignore it and live without a real digital strategy and a cross canal communication.

A web site, even if we have many, isn’t enough. Our marketing strategy focus on making Ixina a must on the web and notably on social medias.

Drive web users to physical store (web to store) to maximize traffic is our main concern. To ensure the experience consistency you’ll find tactile screen in shop to extend the on line experience and allow a smooth transition to the physical experience.

We focus on leveraging the potential of all the 360° tools so we use also : TV, Radio, press, posters, social medias, emailing, direct marketing...

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Before opening...
  • Location search

    We analyze your catchment area and help you find the best location. We also help you negotiate the best arrangements for your shop.

  • Eight weeks of training

    Through the FBD Training Academy you’ll be proposed an eight weeks training course, covering notably: operation, management, kitchen products, market and jobs. By the end of this a member of our senior team will be at your side from 10 days before the opening to 2 weeks later.

...after opening
  • Workgroups

    Every 6 weeks, animators will visit you to ensure everything runs smoothly. Seminars and meetings are regularly scheduled to offer you the opportunity to meet us but also your peers. Finally, on some specific topics (advertising, I.T., products…) you can join dedicated workgroups.

  • Advanced Training

    The FBD Training Academy will be by your side to help you improve every aspects of your business. We cover every aspects of an ever changing profession and we can help you anytime.

A leading group support you

A real might
FBD Group is the first European fitted kitchen franchisor.

  • 361 point of sales strong
  • A staff of more than 1500 dedicated individuals
  • 486 Millions turnover in 2105
  • 8% growth per year

Our mission: create store concepts with strong brands by leveraging collaborative strength.

Becoming one of our franchisee ensure market anticipation and technological innovation.

Be part of a group based on human value, precursor on its market with a strong service culture which will be on your side day after day.